Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin)

Tsarskoye Selo

If You decide to see the magnificent St Petersburg and want to get from the trip the most vivid and unforgettable experience, you should book an excursion to Tsarskoye Selo. Tsarskoye Selo (now Pushkin) is a unique monument of architecture with a rich and very interesting history. Here You can see the stunning beauty of the parks and luxurious summer palaces for balls and receptions for important visitors. Their architecture and interior decoration are a perfect example of the creativity of the best architects and craftsmen of the 18th century.


The famous architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli worked on the creation of the famous Catherine Palace.

The Queen, loving  the fun and balls, instructed him to create a masterpiece in the Baroque style that impresses with its luxury and wealth, and master coped with the task. The Catherine Palace is the main monument of Tsarskoye Selo, it is world famous due to the Amber room.



Also the Alexander Palace is situated Pushkin. This Palace is a Prime example of classicism. Visiting it, you will get acquainted with the life of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II, will see its famous state study and the collection of paintings of the Romanov family.


The Catherine and Alexander parks are of great interest to visitors. Parks of Tsarskoye Selo are a stunning monuments of history and architecture, executed in a variety of styles. The best masters of the time from different countries created  the Catherine Park. It was decorated with numerous sculptures and flower beds, also magnificent alleys, huge ponds and canals were created. It is difficult to say how many interesting monuments, towers, pavilions, and bridges in a variety of styles you will see in the Catherine Park! This magnificent Park in the 18th century was famous throughout Europe. Foreign guests who visited St. Petersburg in those days, wanted to visit this beautiful place.




Alexander Park was created on the sample and similarity of the best English parks of those times. This is a popular place for walking residents of Pushkin. In the winter you will find here a lot of skiers who spend their leisure skating with slides or making ski runs among the snow-covered old spreading trees. In summer cyclists love riding here, and parents walk with children.



And of course one of the famous  sight in Pushkin is Tsarskoselsky Lyceum. A. Pushkin  was one of the first pupils of this Lyceum. Nowadays the Lyceum is the Museum, there are regular guided tours for tourist and school groups.


You can get to Tsarskoe Selo from St. Petersburg by train, bus or minibus.

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