The main rules of the road in Rostov-on-Don

There are some distinctive rules of the road in each russian city. This rules are informal, but it will be very difficult to drive without knowing these rules. Well, this rules like a life style in the city. And of course you can understand the character of the inhabitants of the city, when you see how they drive.


Well, some funny rules from Rostov-on-Don

1. If the opposite lane is free, why not go for it?!

2. Be mysterious, don’t turn on the Blinker.

3. Strip drawn for beauty,not necessarily go in the same row.

4. If you need to turn left – take the right lane and turn from there.

5. Brakes definitely sharply, previously well speeding.

6. In any case, don’t keep your distance. Proximity is everything for us.

7. Park wherever you want. The best place for parking is of course sidewalk.

8. Turn the music to max.

9. The main rule – NO RULES!

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