The force of Russia

Why russian people are invincible?

Nowadays the political situation in the world are very tense. And it is quite interesting to watch how foreign media try to destroy the integrity of our nation in the eyes of million people. But these foreign media don’t understand or may be don’t want to understand that the force of Russia is not only in our government, but it is also in our people. And foreign people don’t feel and don’t understand us because they live another life. And many of them live at the same time, when many of our people simply survive.

I am not a fan of our president Vladimir Putin, but I am immensely grateful to him for the peace on our earth. I am grateful to him for numerous chances for young people to build their own life, to achieve goals and realize their dreams. Unlike many europe countries we still have a free education. And as a teacher of high school I can say that smart and hardworking guys have a numerous opportunities to build an excellent career in our country and also abroad. 

And of course I proud of our president because he does his job at a high level. May be there are some difficults in our country, but these problems appeared many years ago. And it is funny to think  that one man can solve all these problems in several years. 

But I am sure that I am protected in our country. I feel it every day. And I think that it is the most important today in our life.

As for our people, fortunately there are many educated people in our country who know the history of Russia and who proud of this great country. And they understand that the force of Russia can not be described or understand. You can only feel it, if you live or lived in this country. 

We live in the biggest and beautiful country and we proud of our history, we proud of victories of our people in numerous wars, we proud of our commanders and scientists, poets and writers, artists and composers.

force of russia

The history of our country is multifaceted, but it is so important to know it, to remember people who gave us their lifes to protect our future. 

And I think it is ridiculous to blame anyone in the coup in Ukraine. Many young ukrainians don’t know their history. As they say people who don’t know their history is a cattle, which can be controlled. 

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