Suburbs of St. Petersburg

The most famous and beautiful suburbs of Saint Petersburg

If you are going to Saint Petersburg you should necessarily visit its suburbs.

There are many different  parks, beautiful gardens and luxury palaces in these cities.

The most famous and popular suburbs of St. Petersburg are Peterhof, Pushkin (Tsarskoe selo), Lomonosov (Oranienbaum), Pavlovsk, Strelna and Gatchina.

Each of these cities is special and differs from others. In Peterhof you can see a luxury palace and the famous cascade of fountains in the lower park.


In Pushkin you can also enjoy beautiful palace and a wonderful park.


The most luxury palaces are situated in these two suburbs.

Pavlovsk is famous by its magnificent park. Of course here you can also visit palace. But this palace is not so luxury and beautiful like Catherine Palace in Pushkin or the Great Palace in Peterhof. However visiting this place you won’t be disappointed . Here you can enjoy park in english style. Old trees, many lakes and forests will win your heart. One day isn’t enough to see and feel all beauty of this suburb.

suburbs of st. petersburg

Konstantinovsky Palace is the most famous attraction of Strelna. This palace is the current residence of russian president Vladimir Putin. Therefore to visit this palace you should specify the information about the opening time in advance. 


There are beautiful park and Menshikov Palace in Lomonosov. The Palace is not luxury and you will not see a lot of gold in its interiors. But in spite of it this palace is very beautiful and cosy. I like it very much!

In Gatchina there are no amazing palaces, but here you can enjoy nature. The beautiful park is situated here.

So, you can choose any suburb and don’t doubt you will get a great pleasure visiting it.

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