Strelna is one of the oldest suburbs in St. Petersburg. It is located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. This suburb is cosy picturesque place, where you can rest and enjoy parks and palaces. 


The main attractions of Strelna

Konstantinovsky Palace

Konstantinovsky Palace is the main attraction of Strelna. Konstantinovsky Palace is the Palace of Congresses, residence of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the venue of the summit in St. Petersburg. You can visit this palace only with excursion. And if you are going to visit Konstantinovsky Palace make sure the palace is open for tourists, because you can visit this residence in days when there are no activities of government delegations in this place.



 Konstantinovsky Park

Konstantinovsky Park appeared along with the Konstantinovsky Palace in the early 18th century. Rastrelli was the first aarchitect of this park. It is a unique park and there are no similar parks in Europe. 


Orlovsky Park

Orlovsky Park was founded in 1830. The Park is designed in the Gothic style. The Park and some buildings were destroyed by artillery bombardment during World War the Second. Unfortunately the Park is still not restored. But in spite of it a walk through this place will bring a great pleasure. There are beautiful alleys, ponds, bridges, grotto. 

The Travel Palace of Peter I

The travel Palace of Peter I was built in 1710. There is a small apiary on the adjacent territory to the Palace. According to the legend here Peter I planted potatoes for the first time. You can see old beautiful interiors, portrait of Peter I of that time and many interesting things inside this Palace.


Lviv Palace

liviv palace

Transport from St. Petersburg

From metro station «Avtovo» buses № 424, 424a, 224k, 300; 200, 210.

From metro station «Leninsky prospekt» – buses № 103, 420.

From metro station «Baltiyskaya» – bus №404.

From metro station «Prospekt veteranov» – buses №343, 639.

The metro map of St Petersburg is here:

metro map


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