Port Aventura

Port Aventura

If you like extreme and rides you won’t be disappointed to visit the park Port Aventura.

Some people, who are going to visit this park during several days usually stay in Salou.

Unfortunately, I was in Spain only 8 days, therefore I could spend only 1 day in this amazing park and I went to the Port Aventura from Barcelona.

I bought tickets on the official web-site: http://ru.portaventura.com/

But later I found out that if you go from Barcelona it is more beneficial to buy tickets in the railway station ticket office in Barcelona. In this case the price of ticket is the same, but it includes travel there and back. 

The price of ticket (for July, 2014) was 45 euro. You can ride all amusements in the Park any number of times in the General queue. Also you can pay express ticket which allows you to pass the queue. But, honestly, I think it will be better to go to the park in early morning (on the train which arrives in 9:17). Until you go to the Park, take the map and  understand where to go and what to look for in the first place the Park will be open and some rides will start working.  For example, you can riding Dragon Khan, it is one of the most popular attractions. It opens at 10:00. And there is no queue at this time.

Dragon Khan and Shambhala

To ride this attraction after 11:00 you have to stand in a queue 40-50 minutes or even more. 

The attraction Shambhala is situated near Dragon Khan in Chinese zone. It is the highest attraction in Europe. Unfortunately, this riding opens at 11:00. Therefore you can waiting its opening for about hour or walking and enjoy park and go to this attraction later.

The famous attraction Hurakan Condor is also near Shambhala and Dragon Khan, but it is situated in Mexico zone.

Hurakan Condor

It opens also at 11:00. But in spite of the big queue it’s worth it to wait.

After riding Dragon Khan (about 10.00) we decided not to wait for an hour and went for a walk in the Park. And there was a long queue to Hurakan Condor at 12:00, I had to wait about an hour, but it’s really worth it! The pleasure lasts about 1 minute, but what you’re experiencing at that moment! First, you are slowly picked up on this high tower (somewhere I read that its height is about 70-100 meters). There are a wonderful views from it! And when you start enjoying this beauty you are gone straight down with the speed of free fall.  Inexpressible feeling! I even have no time to scream. 

The Far West and Polynesia are also interesting areas here. The super attraction Stampida is situated in the Far West. 


It opens at 11:00. Riding on it is a great pleasure.

And of course don’t forget about water attractions: Silver River Flume (Far West), Grand Canyon Rapids (Far West) и Tutuki Splash (Polynesia).

Tutuki splash

Some people went to this attraction in swimsuits, some people bought raincoats and other people rode in their clothes. But it the last case you have a chance to be very wet after riding. However, if you decided to buy a raincoat, it is better to make it in advance before go to the Park, because here it is much more expensive.

Summer in Port Aventura is very hot, so heading to the Park, be sure to bring the hat!

Another attraction is Furius Baco (Mediterrania), which is located in the area of the Mediterranean. After riding I even had a headache. And I realized I was not alone in my feelings. The attraction is not high, but the speed on it…as if shot from a gun. Unforgettable impressions!

And in the end, I’d like to say that the Park Port Aventura is extremely beautiful! There are rivers, waterfalls, lots of greenery, beautiful nature.

Train in Port Aventura

The free train runs on the Park. You can ride this train to the attraction, where would you like to ride or simply enjoy the unique views of the Park Port Aventura.

Have a nice time in this amazing park!

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