7 Things to do in Paris

Paris is fantastic city! If you decide to go to Paris you will never regret about this. You can find there everything you like: wonderful buildings, beautiful gardens and parks, museums, amusement parks, etc. But the most important thing in Paris is just to stop for a while and feel and enjoy this very special atmosphere. Try to feel and understand their style of life, their rhythm and be Parisian at least for a couple of days. So if you are in Paris…

1. Sit down and relax in cafe with traditional french bake and cup of coffee.


There are a plenty of different cafes in Paris. If the weather is good it’s just a pleasure to sit down and enjoy atmosphere. You can order just glass of wine or proper food if you want.

2. Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower is a very famous symbol of Paris during many years. It’s just a pleasure to spend some time near Eiffel Tower. There are a lot of places in the area around where you can sit down and eat or drink something. The most famous of course is Champ de Mars (Field of Mars). Usually if the weather is good you can see a lot of people here who are just sitting or laying on the grass.

If you want to go up on this tower then it’s better to order ticket in advance. Here is official web site where you can buy tickets:

Don’t forget to go and see Eiffel Tower in the night. It’s shining so beautiful and really creates fairytale atmosphere.

3. Notre – Dame de Paris


This famous cathedral is probably well-known on the same level like Eiffel Tower. Every day a lot of tourist go to this place. Everyone can visit Notre-Dam de Paris for free (during working hours, of course). If you want to go up then you should buy ticket and probably stay in quite long line. I have been in Paris twice and each time I thought that it would be so nice to go up and enjoy the view of Paris  from the top of this special cathedral. But it’s always a lot of people who want the same 🙂 Hopefully I will do this my next time in Paris.

4. Louvre


The main palace during many years and very famous museum now. Of course you should see this fantastic building at least from outside. First time when we have been in Paris we didn’t have opportunity and time enough to visit this museum. This summer we doubted a lot but we decided that it’s interesting to see at least once. We bought tickets in advance online:

It is very convenient and you can avoid crowds because you will have your own time on the ticket and you can go in without queue. There were a lot of people but everything is organised on very high level.

It’s a paradise for people who adore paintings. It’s well known that here you can see the famous Mona Lisa (Leonardo da Vinci). It’s usually a lot people in the room with this portrait.

It’s also very interesting to see Napoleon’s apartments (Napoleon III). It’s luxury and very beautiful.

5. Montmartre and Sacre Coeur

Montmartre is very special area which is well-known like an artists’ district. It is also interesting to visit Basilique du Sacré Cœur. 

You can walk in this area and see where famous artists lived and worked. It’s still the artists’ area and you will see a lot people who will suggest to create your portrait. If it’s not too many people then it’s a great pleasure to walk on this narrow beautiful streets.

6. Boat trip on the river Seine

Don’t underestimate this things and take at least once boat trip on Seine. You will see so many beautiful places, buildings and bridges. It’s very good opportunity to know Paris a little bit better. We took such trip twice (every time when we went to Paris). And each time I discovered something new which I didn’t notice before.

7. Champs-Elysees and Arc de Triomphe

Champs-Elysees is a famous avenue with a lot of shops. If you go to Paris in the season when al sales start then you are lucky. You can really buy a lot of nice things (clothes, shoes, bags, etc) for a good price. In ordinary time it’s just nice to walk and have a quick view. This street starts from Arc de Triomphe. By the way it’s also very popular and interesting to go up on this Arc. But as usual it’s a lot of people who want to enjoy the view of Paris so you will stay very long line.

I tell you only some few things you can do if you go to Paris. But in general Paris is so fantastic and beautiful city that you should just walk, walk and walk! It’s a beauty everywhere: every building, fountain, park, palace, church or cathedral. And don’t forget that first of all Paris is a city lovers. It’s so romantic!

Have a nice time in Paris!

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