Top-10 places to visit in Moscow

If it is your first time in Moscow, next places are necessary to visit:

1. Red Square and Kremlin

Red Square is a symbol of Moscow. It symbolizes greatness and power of Russia.


2. Tretyakov art gallery

Here you can find the most famous paintings by Russian artisist.




3.  Moscow State University

The best university in Russia and one of the greatest in the world.


4. Sparrow Hills (Vorob’evi mountains)

If you are going to visit Moscow in the warm season you can enjoy beautiful nature. This place is like an island of tranquility.


5. Bolshoi theatre

Bolshoi theatre is the most famous theatre in Russia. Here you can enjoy opera or balet. But if you want to visit this place you should buy tickets beforehand.

Bolshoi theatre


6. Chistye Prudy (Clean Ponds)

It is a wonderful place especially in warm time. Also the famous theatre Sovremennik is places here.

Clean Ponds


7. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior



8. Poklonnaya mountain

Here you can see the memorial complex of the victory in the great Patriotic war (1941 – 1945).



9. Novodevichy monastery

This monastery was founded in 1524. Now it placed under the protection of UNESCO.



10. Arbat (Old Arbat street)

Just walk down this street. It is one of the popular places among tourists. Here like in Hollywood you can find the avenue of russian stars.



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