Menshikov Palace

Menshikov Palace in Lomonosov

When I was going to this palace I didn’t expect to see something unusual. But this palace impressed me by  its combination of luxury and elegance. Interiors of Menshikov Palace didn’t contain a lot of gold. Stucco and fabric is the basic decoration of this palace. So, there is no pomposity and greatness in the air of this palace. But it is so beautiful and cosy! It is ideal palace to live and enjoy life.

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Fortunately, Menshikov Palace is not so popular like Peterhof. Therefore you have a chance to enjoy this place without crowd of people. You can take excursion or you can rent audio guide and to walk this palace without excursion group. The history of this Palace is of special interest. Count Menshikov was the first owner of this Palace. But his fate was tragic. And  after his exile the Royal family managed this estate. 

Visited this place you won’t be dissapoint. This place has its own special atmosphere. You should not compare Menshikov Palace with Great Palace in Peterhof or the Winter Palace. Simply enjoy it!

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