Lomonosov (Oranienbaum)

Lomonosov (Oranienbaum) – the suburb of St. Petersburg

The city Lomonosov is the suburb of St. Petersburg. It is the only one of the suburbs of St. Petersburg, which was not subjected to the defeat of the German army in the period of the second world war.


Park ensemble of the city Lomosov consists of the Upper Park, Petrovsky Park and the Lower garden. On their territory there are Grand (Menshikov) Palace, the Palace of Peter III with a unique entrance gate with stone turret, spire and cast iron grate, Chinese Palace, the sliding hill Pavilion, cavalier building, the Honorable gate and other attractions. There are many ponds on the territory of Oranienbaum. A pond called “Small entertainment sea” is situated opposite the Japanese pavilion of the Grand Palace.

Menshikov Palace

The Great Menshikov Palace was built the first in the ensemble. The length of its facade is 210 m. The Palace was built in the style of Petrine Baroque and impressed Menshikov’s contemporaries with luxurious décor and interior.


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 The Lower garden

The Lower garden is situated in front of the facade of the Great Palace. It covers an area of nearly 5 hectares and  it is one of the first regular gardens in Russia with the layout on French models. The main alley, surrounded on the sides symmetrically bosquets of clipped lime trees, maples and firs is in the center of the garden. In the eighteenth century the garden was decorated with three fountains and thirty-nine sculptures. Unfortunately, during the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945 the Lower garden was destroyed, but now garden’s restoration is going under drawings of the founders.


 The Upper Park

There are a lot of alleys, ponds, canals and bridges here. Gorgeous scenery of this park impresses in any time of year.


 Chinese Palace

In the depths of the Upper Park you will see a Chinese Palace.  Interior of the Palace is designed in the spirit of Chinese and Japanese art.

chinese palace

 Sliding hill

“Sliding hill” attracts the attention of tourists. Here the courtiers had fun ice skating with slides, walking one behind the other and constituting a length of 532 meters. Traditional folk fun was also available during the summer.


 So, if you have a chance to visit this amazing place, don’t doubt! You will spend unforgettable time here.

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