Karelia is a paradise on earth

Karelia (Part I)

Sortavala and Lake Ladoga

A few days in Karelia brings you unforgettable experience. This paper is devoted only the one little part of Karelia – the city Sortavala and nearby attractions.

The marble canyon Ruskeala

In the past people extracted marble here to build palaces and churches. And now this quarry filled with crystal clean water.


Externally Marble canyon makes a tremendous impression: gray-white cliffs dropped to the turquoise lake with a strongly crenulated coasts, and go on multi-meter depth. 

There are a few abandoned or under development at this time quarries around the main, most famous and most visited quarry. Quarries differ from each other not just by banks, but the color of the water. 


Here you can just walk down or enjoy a boat ride.


If you travel in winter time you can see incredible ice caves.




Valaam is island in the Northern part of lake Ladoga. There are a village of Valaam and Valaam monastery here.


There is no such a beautiful place with cliffs, coves, Islands, Straits and pine forest anywhere else in Europe. There are many species of flowering plants. Conifers are under the age of 300 years. Here there are more than 212 species of birds, many listed in the Red Book of Russia.


Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery, located on the island of Valaam, used to be called the Northern Athos. Here was the center of world Orthodoxy. Now there is about two hundred inhabitants in the monastery. The Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery was visited by Emperor Alexander II and Empress Maria Alexandrovna in 1862. In memory of this a chapel was built in the name of the Mother of God “the Sign”.


From Sortavala you can reach the island on the meteor. The time on the road is about 50 min.

Ladoga skerries

Ladoga skerries are hundreds of Islands, bays and Straits coastal strip of lake Ladoga. Ladoga skerries are mostly shallow, rich vegetation and fish. And therefore it is a good place for water recreation in the summer.


 Ladoga skerries is one of the most picturesque places of Karelia.


 From Sortavala you can take excursion and enjoy the beauty of Ladoga skerries.

Have a nice time in Karelia!

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