Forex: Is it real or not?

There are a lot of literature about how to earn money on Forex. And, of course, among this plenty of books there are several indeed useful books. So, the question is: Is it real or not to earn money on Forex? The answer is clear: Yes. It’s real.  Almost everyone can earn money on Forex.


After you learned some basic principals you can begin to earn. But don’t hurry! There are no easy money.

Many people said that on demo-account they earned well, but when they begun to work on real account they lost all money. And frankly speaking it is not surprise. Because when people work on demo-account they are not obsessed by greed and that’s why they work with a cool head. But unfortunately when people begin working with real money they lose control under their mind and emotions.

The secret is simple. Don’t expect to earn a lot of money in a short time. The normal situation is to earn 10-20% of your deposit in a month. Don’t risk! For example, if you have 1000$ on your account you can earn about 100-200$ in a month. And recommended lot for you is 0.05 – 0.1. Of course, you can earn less or much than 10-20% of your deposit in a month. Simply remember about size of your lot (not more than 1-2% of deposite).

Good luck!

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