Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov is one of the most beautiful and cosy cities in Czech Republic. We took excursion from Prague to Krumlov. And this excursion lasted the whole day. First we visited the castle Hluboka nad Vltavou and after that we went to amazing Cesky Krumlov.

The first impressions of this city were narrow streets, little houses and beautiful nature. At that moment I wanted to stay in this wonderful city and to live here for a while. Every house here is special. I think there are no similar houses in Krumlov. There are beautiful and interesting illustrations on many houses. 

cesky krumlov

houses in krumlov

The main square is also small, but colourful and cosy.

the main square in krumlov

main square

The main museums and shops are here. We decided to visit the Museum of torture. Unlike the similar museum in Prague there are no so many instruments of torture. But the special effects such as music, different sounds and decoration are on high level here.

In the labirint of narrow streets you can find pretty gift shops. Also there are shoe stores where good discounts are usually suggested for tourists.

People are very kind and friendly here. And the city atmosphere is warm and friendly.

There is an excellent caffe on the river’s bank near the main square. Here you can taste delicious beer. They say this sort of beer are not produced anywhere else. Indeed we tasted many sorts of beer but we didn’t find it. Also you can eat delicious food here. The guide advised us to taste the dish “Svichkovo”. It is a beef with sauce, whipped cream and cranberries. Oh, it is really delicious meal!

To understand and feel the life in Czech Republic you should visit a little czech cities like Krumlov.

Krumlov castle

There is a special atmosphere here. There is no city vanity, rush and the rapid rhythm of life. Here you can enjoy the special colour and beauty of this little city. If you have a chance to visit it you will not  regret.

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