10 things to do in St. Petersburg

10 things you should do in Saint Petersburg to know this city better

Of course there are numerous things to do in St. Petersburg. I try to describe the most famous of them.

1. Walking along the canals and rivers of St. Petersburg


You can take water excursion and discover this wonderful city on the other side. The  excursion on the narrow canals is the most interesting and exciting. You can see oldest famous buildings, listen to new interesting facts about this city and simply enjoy beautiful views.

2. Enjoy night Saint-Petersbug and its bridges


Every day in summer many tourists go to Palace embankment in St. Petersburg to see drawbridge. It is one of the most famous attractions in Saint Petersburg. But if you want to see this attraction you should go to embankment in advance.

3. Visit Mariinsky theatre

Mariinsky theatre is one of the famous theatres in the world. At least you should visit it to see its interiors. And if you like opera or ballet you will receive a great pleasure.


4. Take a walk on the roofs of St. Petersburg

Don’t worry! You can take excursion to walk on the some roofs of buildings. It is wonderful and unforgettable. You will see beautiful panorama of St. Petersburg and will enjoy unusual walking.

5. Just walk

Just walk on the historical centre of Saint Petersburg. Simply enjoy beautiful old buildings, walking on the famous Nevsky Prospekt. It seems to me there are no usual streets in the centre of St. Petersburg. And there are no similar buildings here. To feel this city you should simply walk on its numerous streets.

st petersburg

 6. Famous Hermitage and Palace Square

Oh, if you were in St. Petersburg and didn’t visit Palace Square and the Hermitage you can be sure – you didn’t see real Saint Petersburg. And if we speak about most popular things to do in St. Petersburg, the visiting Hermitage is one of them.


7. Suburbs of St. Petersburg

Select a day or several days to visit the suburbs of Saint Petersburg. The most famous suburb is Peterhof. Many tourists every day in any weather try to visit it and enjoy the luxury and beauty of the Palace and Park ensemble of Peterhof.


Also Catherine Palace in Pushkin (Tsarskoe selo) is very popular among tourists. 


8. Walk on the Summer Garden

The Summer Garden is one of the favorite places of Peter I. And of course it is the most beautiful garden in Saint Petersburg.


9. See the beauty of metro

Ride the metro to the stationAvtovoand marvel at the underground  hall of the station.


10. Try  famous donuts

Try donuts in a  legendary Baker on the Bolshaya KonyushennayaBy the way,  this place became legendary because for today donuts are cooked according to the Soviet recipe and, as they say, with the help of the oldest aggregate form Soviet time.

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